Caterpillar Kids Toothbrush, Stage 2

$ 35.28

Caterpillar Kids Toothbrush, 26 Tufts, Stage 2, Ages 4-7, 72/Case, Item # 10771B
The Caterpillar Kids Toothbrushes are easy to grip and fun to brush with. The Caterpillar Kids Toothbrush is designed for the Head Start are Child Care Participant. Your kids will enjoy brushing with the extra soft colored bristles and can choose between 3 handle colors in this creative design. The Caterpillar Kids Toothbrush also fits well into all of the OraLine Kids Toothbrush Sanitizers.

Vendor OraLine Kids
Type Toothbrush
Collections Kids Toothbrushes
Tags Kids Toothbrush, Stage 2 Ages 4-7, Toothbrush